Worker's Compensation

Employees must immediately report a workplace injury to their supervisor and the Company Nurse Injury Hotline. To report the injury to Company Nurse, call 888-770-0925, available 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. Medical treatment must be directed by one of the physicians from the approved panel of doctors/facilities for treatment of worker's compensation injuries. If an employee is not treated by one of the doctors on the panel, the medical bills will not be recommended for payment by MCPS worker's compensation insurance carrier, VACoRP.

In accordance with Code of Virginia 65.2-509 Commencement of compensation: No compensation shall be allowed for the first seven days of incapacity resulting from an injury except the benefits provided in 65.2-603; but if incapacity extends beyond that period, compensation shall commence with the eighth day of disability. If, however, such incapacity shall continue for a period of more than three weeks, then compensation shall be allowed from the first day of such incapacity.

VA Code 65.2-509

Employees may use their own sick leave for time missed from work during this seven-day period.

For assistance, please contact Laura Yankoviak in the Benefits Office at 571-377-6031 or email Laura Yankoviak