Student 1:1 Devices

Student Laptops

All students within Manassas City Public Schools are issued a dedicated laptop to use for instructional purposes. Students in Grades 7 through 12 are permitted to bring their laptops home, while students in Grade Pre-K through 6 use them while in school. No matter where the laptop is used to connect to the Internet, the school division's content filtering systems work to prevent access to inappropriate or offensive material. See the Internet Safety page for more information on the steps MCPS takes to protect students online.

All students are expected to properly care for and responsibly use their laptops in accordance with the Technology Use Guidelines and the Student Code of Conduct. If laptops are lost or damaged due to intentional or negligent behavior, students and their parents or guardians will be responsible for any applicable charges outlined in the repair cost list, up to and including the full replacement value. Laptops that are stolen require that parents notify law enforcement and school administration. A police report must be provided to the school as soon as it is available.

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