MCPS seeks within its K­12 curriculum, to purposefully integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics in related coursework, programs, and enterprises across all disciplines. The division K-12 STEM Plan outlines strategies to structure a continuum of experiences for students that require the five C’s (critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity, and citizenship), builds competence in targeted applied skills, and challenges its graduates to be life­long learners and innovators in an economic marketplace that is constantly evolving.

Providing aligned and coordinated STEM opportunities to all MCPS students from an early age gives them an awareness of careers they may not have otherwise considered or even have known existed. Building on this initial exploration and introduction to the wider array of careers and professions will increase the number of fully engaged students following informed and structured STEM career pathways when students enter high school that: 

  • Acquire meaningful skills for future employment

  • Explore STEM career options that might otherwise go unnoticed

  • Align curricular and extra­curricular support for specific career goals

  • Ensures a competitive edge in the workforce

  • Build the foundation for success in college 

  • Close the gender gap in STEM-related fields