Professional Development

Teachers in all MCPS schools are provided annually with an overview of the ESOL program and service delivery options for ELLs. Additionally, professional development is provided for MCPS staff by working with ELLs.  

Professional development includes the following competencies: 

  • Understanding the principles language acquisition,

  • Understanding of the characteristics of ELLs, including cultural differences,

  • Understanding of specific techniques to identify ELLs and the assessments ELLs are required to participate in,

  • Understanding and application of a variety of educational models, teaching methods, and strategies for working with ELLs, 

  • Understanding and application of theories and principles of differentiating curriculum designed to match the distinct characteristics of ELLs to the programs and curriculum, and 

  • Understanding the WIDA ELP standards and how to use them in instruction. 

Workshops during the summer and the school year are provided to grade-level lead teachers, resource teachers, and administrators to assist them in designing curriculum and instruction that meets the needs of ELLs.  Please refer to the ESOL Program Calendar for professional development activities.