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Whether retirement seems far off or right around the corner, the truth is, you'll never have more time to save than you do today. You have the potential to make money on your money - earning returns on your account balance and new contributions. So the longer your money can grow, the better off you'll be.

It may cost less than you think and if you are saving on a pre-tax basis, the impact on your salary may be less than you imagine.

As a part of your benefits with MCPS, you have access to a Lincoln Financial Retirement Consultant any time of year. For questions regarding your supplemental retirement plan, please contact our dedicated Lincoln Retirement Consultant:

Garrett T. Beckstrom

Garrett T. Beckstrom

Retirement Consultant

Retirement Plan Services

571-501-6202   Mobile

885-506-5607   Toll Free

260-455-9039   Fax

Lincoln Financial Group

The Lincoln Representative will provide Zoom meetings throughout the year. You may schedule an appointment online 90 days in advance at: MCPS Schedule. To find out when he has zoom meetings scheduled next, please contact your main office at your location.

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