Health Services

The primary goal of Student Health Services is to advance academic success for all students.  

School Nurses are Specialized Instructional Support Personnel (SISP).  MCPS nurses are the bridge between health care and educational needs.  The nurse provides review of school entrance required health information, daily health related services, care coordination, and collaborates with the school team to enhance each student’s growth and development.  The nurse engages in education of staff, students and families related to health, wellness, and prevention topics. 

What Services Does The School Nurse Provide?

  • Annual Health Screening: Vision and hearing screening of all kindergartners, third graders, seventh graders, tenth graders, and newly enrolled MCPS students.

  • Health Services: Assess student health and development, provides nursing interventions, and evaluates student responses to care.

  • Health Education: Provide health education to students, staff, and parents.

  • Healthy Environment: Collaborates with school staff to maintain a healthy and safe school environment.

  • Nutritional Services: Collaborates with Food and Nutrition Services to support healthy food services programs and food allergy awareness

  • Counseling/Mental Health: Assess needs, provides interventions and refers students to appropriate staff or community agencies.

  • Parent/Community Involvement: Safe and Healthy School Advisory Committee promotes inter-professional community involvement in assuring a healthy school.

What Can Families Do?

Parents are encouraged to keep the school informed of current contact information including phone numbers for work, cell, home, pagers, or any other means whereby they can be contacted during the school day should the need arise. Emergencies can occur at any time. It is urgent that your child's school be able to reach parents and caregivers.

Collaboration and communication with parents, guardians, and physicians is essential for caring for our students successfully. Please update your information in the Parent Portal at the beginning of each school year or when necessary.