Gifted and Talented

MCPS is committed to fostering potential and challenging students through talent development and differentiated instruction. We offer a continuum of services from Kindergarten through grade 12 that challenge all students with rigorous, engaging and meaningful learning. Identified students are provided opportunities, through a variety of service delivery options, to interact with their intellectual peers and participate in educational experiences with higher levels of depth and rigor. Beginning in kindergarten, students receive enrichment lessons delivered by the gifted resource teacher. The lessons are designed to assist teachers with identifying an supporting potential and talent. Additionally, in grade 2, all students take the Naglieri (NNAT3) screener exam. 

Identification Process 

MCPS identifies students for the gifted program twice a year; fall and spring. A student may be referred for services for general intellectual aptitude (GIA) or specific academic aptitude (SAA) through the MCPS Gifted Referral Form. Students may self-refer or may be referred by a parent, teacher, professional, or other student. Once referred, students will be evaluated by a committee, taking into account a multitude of factors including assessment scores, teacher reports and portfolio performance.

Spring Eligibility Cycle

February 2: Spring Referrals Due

February 9: Parent/guardian permission to evaluate forms due

February - May: Gifted Testing and student portfolio development

May 17: Eligibility communicated to families via letter

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Karima Wesselhoft 
Supervisor of Gifted/Talented and Advanced Programs
Phone: 571-377-7317
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