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The mission of the Manassas City Public School Food and Nutrition Services Department is to provide enjoyable, wholesome, high-quality, nutritious meals and food items served in an efficient, friendly manner at a price customers can afford. Our food and nutrition staff work diligently each day to ensure all Manassas City students receive meals that promote healthy lifestyles. We also seek ways to educate students and their families about nutrition, aligning our curriculum with state and federal guidelines as well as the local wellness policy that guides the school division. 

Montoya Jackson

Montoya Jackson, MS, RD

Director of Food and Nutrition Services 

Phone: 571-377-6056

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The Manassas City Public Schools Food Services Department is located 8700 Centreville Road, Manassas, VA  20110.  Applications for free and reduced meals can be obtained in the front office of any school or online here.

El Departamento de Comida de Manassas City Public Schools:  Nuestra nueva direccion es 8700 Centreville Road, Suite 400, Manassas, VA  20110.  Las aplicaciones para comida gratis o reducida pueden ser obtenidas en la oficina de cualquier escuela o en el internet aqui.

Food & Nutrition Services Staff

Montoya Jackson, MS, RD
Director, Food and Nutrition Services
Phone: 571-377-6056
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Safiya Wooten, MPH, RD
School Nutrition Coordinator
Phone: 571-377-6058
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Marvin Ramirez
Culinary Operations Specialist
Phone: 571-377-6063
Email Marvin Ramirez

Ashley Gallihugh
Administrative Associate II & Meal Application Contact
Phone: 571-377-6057
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Our Management Staff

Baldwin Elementary School, Baldwin Intermediate School
Diana Grimsley
Phone: 571-377-6133
Email Diana Grimsley

Dean Elementary School 
Lily Chicas de Arias
Phone: 571-377-6333 
Email Lily Chicas de Arias

Haydon Elementary School
Shawn Maynor
Phone: 571-377-6233
Email Shawn Maynor

Round Elementary School 
Noe Garcia Estrada
Phone: 571-377-6433
Email Noe Garcia Estrada

Weems Elementary School 
Supamas Kettler
Phone: 571-377-6533
Email Supamas Kettler

Mayfield Intermediate 
Dawn Montovio
Phone: 571-377-6675
Email Dawn Montovio

Metz Middle School
MIriam Nieves Martiniez
Phone: 571-377-6946
Email MIriam Nieves Martiniez 

Osbourn High School 
Duane Davis