Facilities & Maintenance

Custodial Services

The MCPS Custodial Program's goal is to provide all students, staff and visitors with a clean, safe and comfortable environment that promotes learning. Custodial operations consists of comprehensive facility cleaning to include floor care, window cleaning, classroom cleaning, restroom cleaning, refuse/recycling pick-up throughout the facility and grounds as well as snow and ice control measures on exterior walkways and entrances. 


Pest Control

Prevention is the most effective means of preventing pest and rodent infestations. Prevention strategies include: seal entry points, place trash and recyclable materials in the appropriate container, remove food sources by: cleaning, removing trash and recycling daily and reduce clutter.

Pest Control Sighting Log
Staff should report observed pest activity in the Pest Control Sighting Log available below or in the main office at each school. The log is a means of monitoring activity and assisting management with improving pest control efforts. All staff and other building users are required to report pest and rodent activity to the front office of your school as soon as possible. 

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