Bus Safety Tips

Standards of Conduct for Pupils Riding School Buses

Acceptable classroom standards of conduct shall be expected of bus passengers, and drivers shall ensure that pupils observe regulations at all times. Students shall not be allowed to smoke, yell, scream, use profanity, push, fight, or take advantage of smaller children; extend hands, arms, or heads from bus windows; carry on the bus any drugs, weapons, water pistols, live reptiles, animals, insects, or oversized items that would block an aisle, cause loss of passenger seat space, obstruct the driver's view, or create a safety hazard.

Meeting the bus

  • Pupils must be at their bus stop 10 minutes before the regular pick up time.

  • Remain at the stops until buses arrive.

  • Be picked up and released at their designated (assigned) bus stops.

  • Demonstrate appropriate bus behavior at the bus stops including proper care for private property at that location.

  • Not stand on the traveled portion of the roadway or parking lot while waiting for the bus, or engage in play or other activities that will endanger themselves or their companions wile waiting beside the road.

  • Not run alongside a moving bus.

  • Wait to cross a traveled portion of the roadway to board a bus, until the bus is stopped and other vehicles approaching or following the bus have stopped. (The bus  driver or patrol will signal students to cross a roadway when it is safe to do so.)

  • Report any illness or injury sustained on or around the bus immediately to the driver.

Conduct on the bus

  • Recognize that the bus driver is the authority on the bus and obey and be courteous to him or her and fellow students.

  • Go directly to a seat and remain seated unless otherwise directed by the driver.

  • Not tamper with the emergency door.

  • Not slap others or wave or shout at pedestrians or other vehicles.

  • Not throw objects about the bus or from a window (or throw objects at the bus from outside).

  • Carry onto the bus only unbreakable objects that can be safely held in the pupil's lap.

  • Not share, sell, or consume food or beverages.

  • Have cell phones turned off.

Leaving the bus

  • Remain seated until bus comes to a full stop.

  • Exit bus in an orderly manner.

  • Leave bus stop area only when safety permits, i.e., when crossing a roadway, cross at a distance of approximately 10 feet from the front of the bus after the driver signals it is safe to do so.