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Osbourn’s SCA Deemed National Council of Excellence

For the sixth consecutive year, the National Student Council has recognized Osbourn High School’s Student Council Association (SCA) as a 2020 National Council of Excellence.  The school’s program is applauded for implementing a strong leadership program that meets council goals; functioning in an ethical and responsible way; and engaging others in leadership, spirit, civic and service activities.   

Osbourn is one of 22 schools in the state to gain this national designation, which is awarded to those councils that demonstrate the highest levels of leadership as well as meet additional standards as set by National Student Council. These councils have distinguished themselves in their leadership and service, fostered student voice, and promoted student engagement in both their projects and activities.

“This is testament to the highest standards of quality that OHS council consistently demonstrates in its operation, projects and activities,” said Osbourn Principal Mike Pflugrath.

Meanwhile, the student council was also awarded the Virginia Student Councils Achievement Award for the 2019-2020 school year. Only 27 schools in the state achieved this recognition. This is the seventh consecutive year Osbourn has received this honor. 

Each year, the Virginia Student Councils Association honors member schools who promote leadership and community service through their school’s student council activities.  In order to be considered for the award, schools must submit documentation of completing a variety of activities throughout the school year to be reviewed by the school’s principal. Activities include such things as hosting a leadership workshop, organizing a school-wide service project, holding a student council sponsored assembly, organizing a food drive, conducting regular SCA meetings and participating in regional or state meetings. It was found during the portfolio review process that Osbourn had exceeded the requirements across multiple sections.