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CTE Program Connects Students with Industry Representatives

October 25, 2018…The Manassas City Public Schools (MCPS) Career and Technical Education (CTE) department will host several roundtable discussions during the 2018-2019 school year, giving students the opportunity to engage with professionals in a field of interest.  

Osbourn High School (OHS) hosted "Doughnuts with the Trades" on September 28, 2018. The event connected participating students with professionals in the trades industry, including automotive, manufacturing, electrical, information technology and construction. Students learned background information on the various professions and received feedback on class projects. About 15 representatives from 10 local companies met with over forty-five students who are currently taking construction courses or have a desire to do so.

“This was a great kick-off for our doughnuts with careers seminars for 2018-2019,” said Osbourn High School CTE Administrator Paul Steiner. “Students are excited to speak with people from industry about career opportunities. We appreciate these representatives sharing their career experiences with our students.  This helps our students understand the opportunities and pathways available to them in the trades and construction.”

Additionally, on October 25, OHS hosted a similar event with Engineering firms and their representatives, who were able to meet with over fifty students with an interest in the field.

The CTE department will host several roundtable discussions throughout the school year at OHS. Please contact Paul Steiner via email at for more information or visit the CTE webpage on the OHS website.


Representatives from the September 28th event:



Anderson LLC

Millwrights Union

Lockheed Martin

LF Jennings Construction

Manassas City Public Schools Facilities Services

Lord Fairfax Community College

Kelvic Construction

Southland Concrete


Representatives from the October 25th event:

-Gabrielle Quatse, Parsons Engineering

-Austin Gardner, Parsons Engineering

-Benjamin Maitland, Parsons Engineering

-Dominic Giacoppe, Parsons Engineering

-Frank Cantwell, Parsons Engineering

-Sara Saad, Parsons Engineering

-Chuck Claar, RW Murray

-Valerie Burke, Siemens

-Andy Moreno, Lockheed Martin

-Payal Neema, Lockheed Martin

-Gina Valerio, Lockheed Martin

-Tyrell Maltby, Lockheed Martin

-Avalan-De Wong, Lockheed Martin

-Ayodele Duyile, Lockheed Martin

-Allison Shook, Lockheed Martin