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Support Employee Excellence Award goes to Metz Family Liaison

May 17, 2023 – During the School Board of the City of ManassasMurray and Board meeting on May 16, Marisela Murray was named the 2023 Support Employee Excellence Award winner. The Support Employee Excellence Award is given each year to an employee that exemplifies the highest attributes of service and goes beyond the call of duty to help others. Nominees are chosen by their peers from each of the division’s nine schools, Central Office/Facilities, Transportation and Food Services. At Tuesday’s meeting, the nominees were recognized and the winner was announced.

Marisela Murray serves as the family liaison of Metz Middle School and is described as a “true professional” who goes above and beyond to serve the community and an employee who exudes excellence.

According to Metz principal Gary Morris, “Her focus is always on the improvement of the service provided for all stakeholders.”

“Mrs. Murray does not allow issues to remain issues as she is always willing to address anything that will impede the success of our school,” he said. “She will bring concerns of students, staff, and families to the attention of the administration, and is always willing to assist in developing the solution.”

Murray is credited for being involved in both the school and the community. She began the Service Learning Club at Metz, where students participate in community service projects. She also facilitated the Parents as Educational Partners (PEP) program at her school with the goal of increasing English Learners' parents’ knowledge about the MCPS school system while deepening their understanding of ways they can help their children succeed in school. Murray also has assisted staff with how to better communicate with parents who speak different languages to improve their student’s academic performance.

Murray, who previously served as an administrative assistant at Haydon Elementary, aided Metz with a plan to improve efficiency in the front office, Morris added. She revived the Metz Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) and works hard to engage and empower families to best support their students. Murray is extremely involved in the community and is constantly searching for information and resources that can help students and their families.

“Mrs. Murray is what I would call a ‘relationship-ologist,’” Morris said. “She is always willing to step in and work with families who are having difficulties, and she is quick to assist with mentoring students who need an additional advocate. She quickly galvanizes a spirit of community whenever she is out representing the school, and always brings back ideas that help us to improve what we are able to do with our community members and our students inside our building.”

Other nominees for the award include the following employees: Heather Bezek, Baldwin Elementary; Yahaira Felix Gonzalez, Haydon Elementary; Merelyn Garcia, Round Elementary; Gloria Membreno, Weems Elementary; Angela Graham, Baldwin Intermediate; Susan Guzdowski, Mayfield Intermediate; Michael Laverty, Osbourn High School; Abdul Rahmat, Central Office; and Gary Frowen, Transportation.

Support Employee nominees