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Book of the Month program

Book of the Month program

Have you heard of the Book of the Month program?  

The Book of the Month program is where one book a month is shared and read in the classroom by the entire school in every classroom. This book is helping us to build a learning community in our school. You might be surprised to learn that sharing one story every month helps to unite our school community.  What better topic to discuss than a children's book shared in class?  Children discuss it in school with their teachers and classmates and then they can also share their conversations with you, their families.

The topics, themes, and messages are wide and varied.  They may reflect something happening at school, current events, celebrate a person, discuss community values, or share a fun book simply for the joy of reading. All of the books are intended to highlight something special and bring joy to our lives.   

Every month I will introduce a new book as the “Book of the Month” and a brief introduction of the book.  Until announced that month, the title of the book remains a closely guarded secret.   Classroom teachers read the book to the class and students are invited to respond. 

It is truly amazing to read responses to the same book from Kindergarten to Fourth grade! 

Thank you for helping us build our learning community. 


Mrs. Shelly Ryan-Schrader, M. Ed.

Librarian/Media Specialist

Weems Elementary School


November Book of the Month:


October Book of the Month:

last stop on market street

September Book of the Month:

a chair for my mother