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PEP Parents as Educational Partners

Round parents and students will benefit greatly from our PEP program.
What is PEP?

Parents as Educational Partners (PEP) is a parent outreach program coordinated by Round ES for students in grades PreK—4. It is designed to empower parents and guardians of English learners (ELs).

Who is PEP for?

  • PEP is for parents of ELs in grades PreK-4 of any language or cultural background.
  • PEP meetings are free to all parents and include child care.
  • PEP is for any parent whose language is other than English, even if his/her child is not in the ESOL program.


Osbourn High School


MCPS believes in building parental involvement through ongoing adult ESL education and interactive activities.

 When is the next meeting? 

Introductory meeting flyer

See our school calendar for details!!