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Division’s Support Employee Excellence Award Winner Announced

May 18, 2022 - Each year Manassas City Public Schools celebratesSupport Employee Nominees support employees who go beyond the call of duty to help others through the Support Employee Excellence Award. The award is given to an employee that improves academic performance and student success while also cultivating a culture of excellence. The nominees for the 2022 Support Employee Excellence Award were recognized and the winner was announced during the school board meeting May 10, 2022.

This year’s winner is Erica Jones, a special education instructional assistant at Osbourn High School. According to her nominator, she is known for her “can-do” attitude, professionalism and reliability. Jones embodies what it means to be an excellent support employee.

“She has developed an excellent rapport with her students, teachers and the families within our community,” a peer said of Jones. “She goes above and beyond by ensuring students are fed, clothed and have the tools they need to access the curriculum.”

Jones has filled in as a teacher on multiple occasions and has exceeded expectations. She prepares lessons that are both engaging and relevant. According to her peers, Jones' ability to forge relationships with her students makes them comfortable enough to ask her for help. She is also known to stay after school to assist students in all subjects.

“She will reteach, remediate, reexplain or do whatever is needed to ensure that each student understands the concept,” a coworker wrote.

In addition to supporting students both in and out of the classroom, Jones also works hard to aid staff. Whether it’s by offering recommendations on lessons or suggesting more efficient ways to use equipment and resources, Jones is described as a compassionate colleague.

“Mrs. Jones will happily work with any department, teacher or student,” a peer wrote of Jones. “She comes in to the classroom with a presence that exudes high expectations for her students as well as for the teachers she works with during the school year.”

Other nominees for the award include the following employees: Abdelai Dafir, Baldwin Elementary; Kelly Koch, Haydon Elementary; Chana Richitt, Round Elementary; Teresa Bryson, Baldwin Intermediate; Kelly Sheldon, Metz Middle School; Nidi Ziliox, Metz Middle School (Food Services); Deb Nash, Central Office; and Denise Blankenship, Support Services.