Message for the Nurse

  • It has been a busy start in the clinic.

    • All 7th graders and new students will be screened during the month of October. &nbsp Any parent willing to help out with this screening, please call the clinic at 
    • If your child has failed the vision testing, a referral slip will be mailed to you.  The referral will advise you to have your child’s eyes examined by a doctor.  If your child does need glasses, please have him/her return to the clinic after receiving their new glasses Poor vision may account for poor grades.  Please encourage your child to wear their glasses in school.
    • A follow-up screening will be conducted for any student failing the hearing test.  A parent will be contacted should further evaluation be needed.
    • A little reminder: All medications and inhalers require a new, signed consent form each year and are to be on file in the clinic. All medication consent forms can be found under Administration of Medication on the left.  Completed forms may be faxed to the clinic @ 703-257-8590.
    • ALL MEDICATIONS MUST BE KEPT IN THE CLINIC.  Students are however allowed to carry their own inhalers in middle school.

    Happy autumn,

    Marisa Regan, RN