• Welcome to the English Department

    English The links below provide teachers’ schedules and contact information, as well as courses offered by our department.
    Descriptions of all courses can be found in the course catalog on the Counseling and Instructional Services page.

    If you have any questions for the English Department please contact the Department Chair.

  • Courses: Advanced Placement:
    English 9 AP Language and Literature
    English 10 AP Literature and Composition  
    English 11  
    English 12  
      Dual Enrollment: 
    Honors:  Dual Enrollment English 111/English 112
    Honors English 9  
    Honors English 10 Electives: 
    Honors English 11 Journalism
    Honors American Civics Creative Writing
    Honors English 12 Advanced Composition(Eagle Writing Center tutor) 


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  • Meet our teachers

    Department Chair: Ms. Trisha Vamosi
    (571) 377-7131


    Drew Carroll

    Justin Jou

    Matthew Kiser

    Luz Kresge

    Alyssa Love

    Sam McLeod

    Lisa Miller

    Michelle Rannells

    Eryn Reece

    Tracy Sorfi

    Julianne Sudduth

    Trisha Vamosi

    Blake Wood

    Christos Zodiatis