• Science Department:

    Science Welcome to the Science Department page.

    The links below provide teachers’ schedules and contact information, as well as courses offered by our department. Descriptions of all courses can be found in the course catalog on the Counseling and Instructional Services page. 

    If you have any questions for the Science Department please contact the Department Chair.

  • Courses:
    Earth Science

    Physics 1

    Honors Earth Science

    Honors Biology
    Honors Chemistry
    Integrated Math and Science 3
    Integrated math and Science 4

    Advanced Placement:
    AP Biology

    AP Chemistry
    AP Environmental Science
    AP Physics 1
    AP Physics 2
    AP Physics C


    Sea Perch
    Principles of Ecology
    Anatomy and Physiology
    Genetics/ Introduction to Biotechnology
    Forensic Science

  • Meet Our Teachers

    Department Chair:
     Melissa Boyer

    Phone: 571-377-7207
    Email mboyer@mcpsva.org

    Harold Boone
    Meenakshi Choudhary
    Patricia DeSantis
    Allen Fidazzo

    Heather Grant
    Kristine Heaver
    Jacqueline Infante
    Kent Jaffrey
    Erin Kmiecinski
    Matthew McConnell
    Jonina Pogue
    Payal Saxena

    Megan Snell