Inside Mayfield

  • Academics - Most of Mayfield students will learn in a team environment. These teams give a sense of identity to students. Both language arts and math are 90 minutes, and science and social studies are 45 minutes. For a complete list of courses please see the course description manual. Students are not grouped by ability at Mayfield Intermediate although two gifted and talented (GT) clusters are available for identified students.

    Clubs and Activities - At Mayfield, we provide an extensive intramural program as well as a variety of after-school clubs. Visit the Clubs tab for a complete list of tentative clubs and intramurals.

    Building Design - Mayfield is a two-story facility consisting of a central wing with two identical wings located on either side. Fifth-grade students are housed in one side or commons and sixth-grade students in the other. Mayfield Intermediate uses a micro-community concept of "buildings within a building" to create a child-scaled, non-institutional environment. The interior design of each commons reinforces the idea that it is a neighborhood within the larger school. Each of the 5th and 6th-grade commons is comprised of 12 classrooms and two resource rooms, totaling 48 classrooms and eight resource rooms. Many classrooms have movable walls between them which allow for larger rooms for team exercises. The commons area in each common can also be divided into thirds by movable walls, or the movable walls can be opened so that all students in the commons are able to participate in large events in the open common area. The classrooms have windows which open to the outside as well as a large window which overlooks the pod commons area to allow teachers a direct vision of the hallways and restroom entrances without leaving their classrooms. Every two classrooms share a smaller "tutorial" room that can be used by teachers and students for support education, individual attention, or small group work.

    Media Center - The media center is situated on the second floor above the front entrance. It contains student and staff resource material, books for student and staff checkout, periodicals, videos and a class size student mini-computer lab. The corridor outside the media center door has a large window which overlooks the dining commons and stage area below.

    Quiet Facilities - Activities such as athletics, music and the dining facility are grouped in a separate wing located in the center of the building which can also be used after school hours for community events. This creates a quiet zone in the academic wings. The gymnasium bleachers seat approximately 560 people and can be divided into two sections when conducting simultaneous activities or classes. The dining commons includes an attractive stage area which can be directly accessed from the instrumental music room.

    Receptionist and Administration - Guests at the school are greeted by a receptionist located at the front entrance of the school. Administrative offices are dispersed throughout each of the pods allowing administrators to be stationed more closely to the students and teachers.


    School Hours 7:15am -2:10pm