• The office of Instructional Technology Services will strive to support the work of faculty and students in teaching, learning, research, creative work, basic technology and collaboration. 

    Our mission is to provide stakeholders the resources necessary to use technology as more than simply a tool to achieve their educational and operational goals.

    Through the appropriate integration of technology into the MCPS environment, the office of Instructional Technology will:

    • Provide faculty the resources and opportunities to integrate appropriate technologies into achieving educational goals.
    • Supply staff the means to accomplish the operational goals set forth by their department.
    • Support stakeholders by ensuring an environment conducive for learning by providing appropriate facilities, support services and other resources to enhance student learning through the integration of appropriate technologies.

    Instructional Technology Beliefs

    • We believe students must have access to 21st Century instruction to develop the skills to support their success and on-time graduation.
    • We believe student learning must include opportunities for citizenship, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.
    • We believe in open, proactive communication as one community in support of student success.
    • We believe financial decisions shall be based on an inclusive and open process that supports student learning.
    • We believe that a safe and orderly environment maximizes student performance.