Purchasing and Contracting

  • Welcome to the Manassas City Public Schools Office of Purchasing and Contracting

    The Office of Purchasing and Contracting provides the overall procurement support and guidance for the Manassas City Public Schools and is responsible for conducting all transactions in a fair, impartial and transparent manner, in accordance with the Virginia Public Procurement Act (VPPA) and the Manassas City School Board policies.  This includes standard purchasing, contracting, capital construction, non-capital construction, services, inventory management, and surplus disposal. 


    Department Mission:

    The department endeavors to support the mission and values of Manassas City Public Schools at all times. Our mission is to maximize the effectiveness, efficiency, and economy of school funds when acquiring goods and/or services; to provide solutions and build successful business and customer relations, and to minimize risks by consistent adherence to established policies and procedures. 


    Department Vision:

    The department strives to work collaboratively with departments and vendors to procure the highest quality goods and services at the best possible cost and in a timely manner while ensuring open and fair competition.


    Department Values:

     The department works consistently and diligently to perform all duties with the following core values: 

    All procurement transactions and vendor interactions are performed with the highest standard of ETHICS and INTEGRITY;

    Goods and/or services are procured in a CONSISTENT and TIMELY manner;

    A commitment to exceptional CUSTOMER SERVICE;

    Procurement and contract development should fuel INNOVATION, CREATIVITY, and PUBLIC CONFIDENCE; and

    At all times, the use of public funds is TRANSPARENT and FAIR.


    Throughout this site, you will find answers to many questions you might have with regards to Public Procurement and Contracting.  If at any time, there is information that is not readily available online, please contact the department directly.   


    Contact Information:

    Colleen Keener, CPPB, CPCP, VCO, VCA
    Chief Procurement Officer

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    Purchasing Regulation DJ-R outlines purchasing options and thresholds, methods of procurement, types of contracts, bids and proposals, debarment, receipts/payment of goods and services, vendor assistance, conflict of interest, solicitation/acceptance of gifts, and required data and certification prior to contract award.