•  At Mayfield G/T students meet with Mrs. Brownlee periods a week. The students first completed a practice center. The purpose of this center is to teach students to follow a contract with precision. This takes three to four class periods to complete, and at that point they select their first full center.  I Now that everyone has selected a new center, we have students side-by-side studying World War II, Endangered Species, Cryptozoology, French, etc. and it is really something to see. I am very proud of these students for their intense focus, despite the variety of activities in the classroom.

    Aside from their time in my room, we conducted a Socratic Seminar in Dr. Groundwater’s classroom on the topic of the Electoral College. I was very impressed by these students, many of whom have never participated in a seminar. I plan to conduct these sessions during the school room in all of the cluster classrooms.  I also joined Mrs. Demeria’s class, where we are working on Hands on Equations. This is a wonderful program that allows student to work with equations and progress at their own rate.

    We have very clear expectations of our Mayfield G/T students. The following are expectations taken from our G/T instructional standards:

    Who Are We?

    We are determined:

    • We keep trying when we face
    • We view setbacks as an opportunity to grow.

     We are problem solvers:

    • We identify a problem.
    • We find the resources and requirements need to solve the

    We are creative:

    • We develop original ideas.
    • We design, construct, or compose original products.

     We are curious:

    • We ask questions to clarify information.
    • We ask questions to deepen understanding.
    • We reflect and ask follow up questions.

     We are in charge of our learning:

    • We set goals.
    • We effectively use our time in class.

     We are courageous:

    • We stand up for ideas, even when many disagree.
    • We are courteous but not afraid to disagree.

    The class has a virtual platform for the center work, or a blended classroom. Blended learning is a form of education that takes place both online and in a brick-and-mortar location. Both of these settings become a cohesive learning experience for the student. In blended learning scenarios, “face time” between students and teachers is not replaced by online course delivery. Rather, the online component of the learning experience will allow students to work on their independent study centers at home and, when time permits, in their regular classroom. Parents will also have access to their student’s center work through Google Classroom. We will be receiving 15 computers as a part of the Blended Learning opportunity offered by Manassas City Public Schools. Mrs. Mills, our Principal at Mayfield, has been very supportive in procuring these computers.