Welcome to Fourth Grade!


  • A Few Reminders...

    • Students should be reading at least 20 minutes a day at home and practicing their math facts with their flash cards weekly.
    • Students must attend school every day to be counted as present. Attendance is measured by having at least one meaningful interaction with school. Activities considered meaningful are:

      • Participation in live and recorded instruction within a 24 hour period
      • Submission of completed work assignment
      • Email/phone/text/communication through Schoology with student or parent about learning!
    • Materials for learning:
      • Keep materials together in the bag and box
      • Find a place in your home where students can “reach” them when needed
      • Use the materials for school work or practice not for playtime...lots of practice is good!
      • Put the materials back in the bags and box when school time is over!
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    • Please use the Remind App, email or messaging feature in Schoology to communicate questions or concerns to your student's teacher!