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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Art, Studio Art Master's in Education MCPS Teacher of the Year 2016

Mrs. Sarah Weaver

Hello, My name is Mrs. Weaver...  Welcome to my classroom~

I teach Foundations of Art 1 & 2, Advanced Art, Painting, Honors Art 9-12, and AP Studio Art at Osbourn High School.

Foundations of Art 1 and Foundations of Art 2 are year long courses where the student will be introduced to the basics of art through the various media: drawing, painting, ceramics, and sculpture. We will also be learning to appreciate art by studying various artistic movements and the artists representing them. These courses give the student a taste of the different types of art so they can later choose a focus area; such as drawing, painting, or ceramics.

Painting is a year long course where we will learn color, its properties as well as why it is important. We will explore the various mediums of painting: watercolor, acrylic, and gouache. We will also explore different things to paint on, canvas, paper, wood, and plaster. We will study the value in color, emphasizing the tints, tones, shades, monochromatic, and much more. We will also learn how to stretch a canvas for their final product.

Advanced Art is the next step after completing FOA1 and FOA2 and the projects are at the next level up from the foundational courses.

Honors Art is for the student who is serious about art and may persue it in college or as a career choice.  We will be working in many different mediums of art and an honors level. Selection is based on a portfolio submission.

AP Studio Art is a rigorous course comparable to the college level where art students will develop a portfolio of 24 works based on an individual concentration, show breadth, and quality for submission to the CollegeBoard in May. Selection is based on a portfolio submission.

In December, we will showcase student work in a exhibit located in the Fine Arts Commons Area (in front of the auditorium). Exact Date will be distributed as we get closer to the date.  Please stop by to see the amazing student work! In March, we hold a student exhibit at The Manassas Museum, and in May we have a Division Art Show. Student art is also on display at Central Office year round.

I hope to pass on a love of the arts by teaching you in one of my classes!

I look forward to working with your son or daughter this year as they learn the love of art!

Please contact me at anytime if you have questions or concerns.


Mrs. Weaver, M.Ed

Fine Arts Department Chair

Osbourn High School