Mr. Raul Otero

Phone: 571-377-7000


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Mr. Raul Otero

Hello, I am a Spanish 1 and Spanish Native Speaker 1 (Honors class) at OHS. Each class has its own Google classroom page so the students are able to see what activities/topics we will discuss on a daily basis. If you are a parent that would like to be linked to this site please send me an email so I can add you to the list. In the digital classroom, the students are not only able to see the activities for the day but are also able to upload/download assignments necessary to be successful in class. My daily schedule is this:

B day                                                G day_____

B1 Spanish 1                                    G1 SNS 1

Eagle Block                                      Eagle Block

B2 SNS 1                                          G2 Planning

B3 Planning                                     G3 SNS 1

B4 SNS 1                                          G4 Spanish 1

I am available after school, during Eagle Block, and in cases of critical need during my planning block.

About me...

Soy cubano y comencé como maestro de Física y Matemáticas en mi país natal, Cuba. Vine junto a mi familia a EE.UU. hace 20 años. Al principio trabaje en diferentes lugares y oficios hasta que logre sacar la licencia para poder impartir clases de Física, matemática y español en el estado de Virginia hace 13 años. Todos estos años he trabajado  en OHS donde me han hecho sentir como parte de la familia.

I am Cuban and started as a Physics and Mathematics teacher in my native country, Cuba. I came with my family to the USA. 20 years ago. At first, I worked in different places and trades until I got the license to teach Physics, Mathematics, and Spanish in the state of Virginia 13 years ago. All these years I have worked at OHS where they have made me feel like part of the family.

Teach Spanish is very import for me because is one of the most useful languages in this era of globalization. My philosophy of teaching Spanish is that all students deserve the opportunity to become bilingual. In fostering this goal I believe that respect for all students regardless of their background knowledge, experiences, etc. can be used to help each student be successful in learning Spanish.