Phone: 571-377-7221


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Master of Arts in Physics Education

Mr. Kent Jaffrey

I have been a teacher in the Science Department at OHS Since 1994, shortly after I graduated with a degree in Chemistry.  After starting to teach Physics in 2001, I went back to school and graduate in 2007, with a Master of Arts in Physics Education, which has led to me teaching a mix of both Chemistry and Physics at various levels. This year, I am also teaching Forsensic Science. For me, science has always been fascinating because it explains how everything around me works and it is my goal to pass on that appreciation to all of my students.

I will keep an updated Schoology page for each class where I will list assignments and post copies of worksheets and notes given in class. The notes will often be Livescribe PDF files, which are actually recordings of class discussion along with the written notes. To listen to the class notes you need to download the "notes and lecture" file to your computer or tablet, open a browser window to and then drag the file into the browser window. You will then be able to hear the lecture and see the notes that were given during class. This is perfect if you forget how to do something or miss a class since you can still hear and see all the explanations.