• Inclement Weather Procedures

    • When, in the judgment of the Superintendent/designee, conditions exist which are hazardous to the health and safety of students and employees, the Superintendent/designee shall take the appropriate action by:

      • Delaying the opening of schools;
      • Dismissing students early from schools;
      • Closing school or division for the entire day, or
      • Taking other action necessary to safeguard the health and safety of students and employees.

      The decision to close schools for an entire day or to delay school openings will be made as early as possible prior to scheduled starting times. Except in unusual circumstances demanding emergency measures, the decision will be made prior to 5:30 a.m. on the morning of a closing or delay in opening, so that the information can be broadcast on the news media prior to 6 a.m.

      Two-Hour Delayed Opening

      • Elementary, intermediate, middle and high school students arrive two hours late.
      • Morning buses will be two hours late. Students will use regular bus stops unless noted otherwise.
      • Field trips may be canceled pending weather conditions.
      • Athletic trips may be approved by Superintendent/designee and Director of Transportation on a case-by-case basis pending assessment of road conditions and weather predictions.
      • Lunch will be served at all schools.
      • The AlphaBest before school program will open at 8:30 a.m. for all elementary schools.
      • GT Center classes at Haydon for third or fourth graders will be canceled for that day.

      Early Closing

      When schools are closed early because of emergency conditions:

      • Students will be dismissed early as determined by the Superintendent/designee.
      • AlphaBest afterschool program for all elementary schools will not be open.
      • Lunch will be served unless notified otherwise by the Superintendent/designee.

      Code Gray Closing

      All classes and school activities (day and evening), including AlphaBest, adult education classes and recreational programs are canceled. School buses will not operate. Rare exceptions may be made for important activities that cannot be rescheduled. All exceptions will be approved by the Superintendent/designee. 

      Code Blue Closing

      All classes and school activities (day and evening), including AlphaBest, adult education classes and recreational programs are canceled. The school system is closed down.

      Manassas City Public Schools will be using the division’s Connect 5 system to inform parents and employees of weather-related closings and delayed school openings. It is our goal to notify the public by 6 a.m.


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