• Attendance


    What is good attendance? 

    Missing school one-day or less each month or no more than nine days a year.

     Attendance Data Graphic

    In brief, Virginia law:

    * requires parents to send children to school

    * requires students to attend school

    * requires schools to take specific actions when children are not enrolled or students fail to attend

    * authorizes law enforcement officers to pick up students who are skipping school

    * authorizes juvenile courts to take action against parents and/or children for failure to attend school


    Parents can verify their student’s absences by using one of the following methods:

    * Attendance line- 571-377-3600

    * Mrs. Schumann GSchumann@mcpsva.org

    Click here to complete the online attendance form.


    Attendance Team

    Attendance Assistants

    Ms. Laura Gonzalez (A-C) LGonzalez@mcpsva.org 571-377-6905

    Mr. Simone Qura (D-K) SQura@mcpsva.org 571-377-6831

    Ms. Lee Hodik (L-P) LHodik@mcpsva.org 571-377- 6807

    Mr. Leroy Williams (Q-Z) LeroyWilliams@mcpsva.org 571-377-6811


    Assistant Principal

    Ms. Sarah Milhoan (A-Garcia) smilhoan@mcpsva.org 571-377-6810

    Ms. Zayatz (Garner-N) azayatz@mcpsva.org 571-377-6806

    Ms. Thomas (O-Z) ethomas@mcpsva.org 571-377-6809