Welcome to the Fine Arts Department

  • Welcome to the Metz Art Department webpage! We offer Visual Art 1, Visual Art 2, and GT Art. Students in 7th grade take Art 1. Students in 8th grade who did not take art in 7th grade also take Art 1. Students in 8th grade who took and passed Art 1 take Art 2 during their 8th grade year. 6th grade students may submit a portfolio by teacher recommendation to apply for GT Art during their time at Metz.



    Mrs. Wesley Kane




    Mrs. Vivi Shaw





    We love donations in the art department! Below is a list of things we could make use of:



    • fabric
    • thread
    • ribbon
    • buttons
    • beads​
    • yarn
    • magazines
    • wallpaper sample books
    • small scrap wood
    • foam
    • pipe cleaners
    • popsicle sticks


    • tissue paper
    • tape (clear, masking, duct)
    • scrapbook paper
    • aluminum foil
    • styrofoam
    • newspaper
    • wire
    • plastic silverware
    • paper plates/cups
    • old books
    • straws
    • bottle caps



    Please do not go out and buy these materials. If you were going to throw them away anyway, we would certainly love to have anything you would like to get rid of. If you have something you think would be great for us to use, but it's not on this list, please feel free to drop it by or send it in with your student. The kids are bursting with ideas of things they want to create, and donations of some of these supplies could make their vision a reality. 



    Music Mustangs

    Hello from the music department team! Students in band, choir, orchestra, guitar and music technology make up our fabulous musical mustangs. Check out each website for more information regarding concerts and upcoming events. 


    Music Department Calendar


    Director of Orchestras/ Guitar - Ms. Anna Miller - annamiller@mcpsva.org

    Director of Choirs - Ms.  Anola Douglas - adouglas@mcpsva.org

    Director of Bands/ Guitar/ Music Technology - Mr. Bill Stevens - bstevens@mcpsva.org

    C0-Director of Bands/ Guitar/ Music Technology - Ms. Jess Green - jgreen@mcpsva.org