MCPS School Counseling Mission, Vision and Beliefs

  • Vision Statement

    Each student in Manassas City Public Schools will become a productive citizen of the 21st century. The MCPS comprehensive school counseling program will support all students in becoming: 

    • Effective communicators and collaborators.
    • Critical and creative thinkers, innovators, and problem solvers.
    • Globally aware, independent, responsible learners, and citizens.


    Mission Statement

    The mission of Manassas City Public Schools (K-12) comprehensive school counseling program is to support students in the areas of academic, career, and social/emotional development through a proactive student-centered curriculum designed to develop the whole child.


    MCPS school counselors believe:

    • Each student has dignity and worth regardless of their individual differences.
    • All students have the ability to meet their academic potential and become career and/or college ready by graduation.
    • Each student's differences and special needs must be considered in the planning, implementation, and delivery of a comprehensive school counseling program.
    • School counselors must collaborate with and advocate for the students and families that they serve, helping to ensure access to an academically challenging learning environment that inspires and engages all students.
    • Student achievement is enhanced by participation in a comprehensive school counseling program.
    • All students have access to a full-time, state-certified, master's degree-level professional school counselor.
    • Data is necessary to continually evaluate and implement the most successful and appropriate interventions for the students in our schools.
    • Adherence to the ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors allows staff to make decisions based on best school counseling practices.  


    For further information on the counseling program, please contact the school counselor at your child's school:

    Baldwin Elementary

    Baldwin Intermediate 

    Jennie Dean Elementary

    Mayfield Intermediate 

    Haydon Elementary

    Metz Middle School

    Round Elementary

    Osbourn High School

    Weems Elementary