• At Baldwin Intermediate, GT students work with the Gifted Resource Teacher (GRT) within and outside of the general education classroom. The GRT works closely with the classroom teacher to ensure lessons are properly differentiated and personalized to challenge each learner. Students also receive enrichment directly with the GRT through a pull-out delivery model. During this time, the GRT works with the students to explore passion areas and create original products that can be shared with others. Each passion project focuses on a major academic content area. Students explore multiple content areas and passion projects within those content areas per year. These students have the potential to be leaders in their chosen career fields way after they leave our school system; therefore, it is our responsibility to set them up properly to lead others and solve world problems of the future. The program supports academic, social/emotional, leadership, and critical/creative thinking development to ensure all of these students are ready for their roles in the world.  

    We have very clear expectations of our Baldwin Intermediate GT students. The following are expectations taken from our GT instructional standards:

    Who Are We?

    We are determined:

    • We keep trying when we face difficulties.
    • We view setbacks as an opportunity to grow.

     We are problem solvers:

    • We identify a problem.
    • We find the resources and requirements needed to solve the problem.

    We are creative:

    • We develop original ideas.
    • We design, construct, or compose original products.

     We are curious:

    • We ask questions to clarify information.
    • We ask questions to deepen understanding.
    • We reflect and ask follow up questions.

     We are in charge of our learning:

    • We set goals.
    • We effectively use our time in class.

     We are courageous:

    • We stand up for ideas, even when many disagree.
    • We are courteous but not afraid to disagree.