• At Baldwin Intermediate,  G/T students meet with Mrs. Brownlee. The students first completed a practice center. The purpose of this center is to teach students to follow a contract with precision. This takes three to four class periods to complete, and at that point they select their first full center.  I Now that everyone has selected a new center, we have students side-by-side studying World War II, Endangered Species, Cryptozoology, French, etc. and it is really something to see. I am very proud of these students for their intense focus, despite the variety of activities in the classroom.

    Aside from their time in my room, we conducted a Socratic Seminar in Dr. Groundwater’s classroom on the topic of the Electoral College. I was very impressed by these students, many of whom have never participated in a seminar. I plan to conduct these sessions during the school room in all of the cluster classrooms.  I also joined Mrs. Demeria’s class, where we are working on Hands on Equations. This is a wonderful program that allows student to work with equations and progress at their own rate.
    We have very clear expectations of our Baldwin Intermediate G/T students. The following are expectations taken from our G/T instructional standards:

    Who Are We?

    We are determined:

    • We keep trying when we face
    • We view setbacks as an opportunity to grow.

     We are problem solvers:

    • We identify a problem.
    • We find the resources and requirements need to solve the

    We are creative:

    • We develop original ideas.
    • We design, construct, or compose original products.

     We are curious:

    • We ask questions to clarify information.
    • We ask questions to deepen understanding.
    • We reflect and ask follow up questions.

     We are in charge of our learning:

    • We set goals.
    • We effectively use our time in class.

     We are courageous:

    • We stand up for ideas, even when many disagree.
    • We are courteous but not afraid to disagree.