Baldwin Intermediate Robotics


     All Baldwin Intermediate 5th and 6th graders are invited to apply for the first ever Baldwin Intermediate Robotics program. The first fifteen students that have a completed application form and a positive recommendation will be a part of the one of our 3 teams. A These teams will design, build and program robots that will compete against other teams in VEX IQ Competitions(VIQC). Meeting days are Tuesday and Thursdays from 2:15-4:15 beginning September 25th until February. More specific information will be given to participating students once the fifteen spots have been filled. Competition team members chosen should good character traits, be self-starters, work well under pressure, and have the ability to work with other students as one unit to achieve a goal. These students will be representatives of Baldwin Intermediate and Manassas City Public Schools as they interact with elementary and middle school students, coaches, judges and other adults throughout the season. It is important that students can give their attention to robotics. It is alright to be in other clubs and activities as long as VEX IQ is the priority. Short term clubs, monthly and biweekly clubs are acceptable. VEX IQ coaches will contact the recommending adult with a link to complete the recommendation form. Those that have a completed application and positive recommendation that do not make the 15 spot cut-off will be on waiting list if for any reason a student cannot continue, the spot will be offered to the first person on the waiting list.