Ms. Jazmin Cardoso



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Jazmin Cardoso

Hello, I am a Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 teacher at OHS. Each class has its own google classroom page so the students are able to see what activities/topics we discuss on a daily basis. If you are a parent and would like to be linked to this site please send me an email so I can add you to the list. With google classroom students are not only able to access and view daily activities for an specific day, but also able to upload/download class material necessary to be succesful.   

My daily schedule is provided below:

 Class Schedule

Gray days:

1(G) SPANISH 1  8:20-9:43

2(G) SPANISH 2  10:59-12:24

3(G) SPANISH 2  12:30-1:52

4 (G) PLANNING  1:58-3:20

Blue Days

1(B) SPANISH 1   8:15-9:43

2(B) SPANISH 1   10:59-12:24

3 (B) PLANNING   12:30-1:52

4(B) SPANISH 1   1:58-3:20

I am available after school, during eagle block, and case by case during my planning block.  

I attended George Mason University and received my Bachelors Degree in Global Affairs with a concentration in Latin American Studies in 2013. Because of my concentration I was not only able to take a vast majority of Spanish courses, but also learn about the beautiful Latin American culture and its History. I enjoyed it so much that I later applied to George Mason's  Masters Progam in Spanish/Multicultural and Bilingual Education. I completed a course work which includes 36 master credits in Spanish and Multicultural/bilingual Education (through the education department).

As a Global Affairs Major I undertand the importance in preparing our students to be apart of globalized world. My philosophy as a world language teacher is that every student deserves the right to learn a new language and explore different cultures that are different from theirs. I want my students to know and understand diversity and by doing so instill a perspective where learning Spanish becomes a goal towards a successful future.