Mrs. Livesay

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Mrs. Livesay

Welcome to a new school year at Osbourn High School! I am very excited to start another year of teaching and learning with a brand new group of freshman.

I graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelor's degree in English. I am currently in my seventh year of teaching having started off my career working in the Powhatan County Public School District teaching 9th and 11th grade English. Then I spent two years teaching internationally at Robert College American School in Turkey, and this will be my second year teaching at Osbourn High School. 

My classes will be using Google Classroom as their learning platform, and if any student is missing work they can access information on their Google Classroom web page. My afterschool hours are Mondays until 4:30 p.m. unless other arrangements need to be made. I also encourage students to make appointments to see me during Eagle Block if they need immediate help.

Please feel free to contact me at My classroom is 2019. Please see the attached course outline for a breakdown of what is covered in each English 9 unit the course syllabus for expectations and procedures.  Course Outline Course Syllabus


G1-English 9              B1-English 9
G2- Planning              B2-English 9
G3- English 9             B3-English 9 Honors
G4- English 9             B4- Planning

SY 2017-2018 Ninth Grade Units and Testing Calendar
Unit 1: Short Story  9/5 - 10/18 (16 G & B Days)
Testing Window 9/29-10/18

Unit 2: Novel  10/19 - 1/16 (24 G & B Days)
Testing Window 12/13-1/16

Unit 3: NonFiction  1/17 - 2/27 (13 G & B Days)
Testing Window 2/6 - 2/27

Unit 4: Drama  2/28 - 4/29 (18 G & B Days)
Testing Window 3/29 - 4/39

Unit 5: Poetry  4/30 - 6/13 (14 G & B Days)
Testing Window 5/23 - 6/13