Assessment & Accountability

  • At Manassas City Public Schools (MCPS):

    • We believe students must have access to high-quality instruction to develop skills to support their success and on-time graduation.
    • We believe student learning must include opportunities for critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity and citizenship.
    • We believe in open, proactive communication as one community in support of student success.
    • We believe financial decisions should be based on an inclusive and open process that supports student learning.
    • We believe in an innovative, safe and orderly environment that maximizes student performance.


  • Dr. Laura Goldzung
    Director of Assessment and Accountability
    Phone: 540-377-6010


  • Balanced Assessment Plan

    MCPS believes in a balanced assessment philosophy, which uses a wide variety of assessments before, during, and after instruction. This balanced assessment approach ensures the assessment plan supports all five beliefs and provides valuable data to our students, staff and parents. The plan aligns with MCPS’ strategic goal to “Optimize academic performance and student success.” MCPS’ purpose of assessment is to inform students of their level of learning, communicate to parents their child’s level of performance, and to provide teachers with actionable information to inform and differentiate instruction. All division required assessments have a clear purpose and produce data in a timely manner so teams can quickly transform it into actionable information. To read more about assessments required and made available by the school division, please click the appropriate links on the left-side menu.