• Welcome to Fine & Performing Arts 

    ohs arts The links below provide teachers’ schedules and contact information, as well as courses offered by our department. Descriptions of all courses can be found in the course catalog on the Counseling and Instructional Services page. If you have any questions for the Fine Arts Department please contact the department chair.



  • Fine Arts:

    Foundations of Art1
    Foundations of Art 2
    Advanced Art 1
    Advanced Art 2
    Ceramics 1
    Ceramics 2
    Crafts 1
    Drawing 1
    Drawing 2
    Painting 1
    Painting 2
    Sculpture 1



    Honors Art 9
    Honors Art 10
    Honors Art 11
    Honors Art 12

    Advanced Placement:

    AP Studio Art

  • Performing Arts


    Chamber Winds
    Concert Band Brass
    Concert Band Woodwinds
    Consort String Ensemble
    Jazz Band
    Percussion Ensemble
    Symphonic Band


    Concert Choir
    Men’s Choir
    Treble Choir
    Women’s Select Choir


    Beginning Guitar
    Intermediate Guitar
    Advanced Guitar
    Advanced Guitar 2


    Advanced Orchestra
    Chamber Orchestra
    Concert Orchestra
    Symphonic Orchestra

    Theatre Arts:

    Technical Theater
    Theater Arts 1 Beginning
    Theater Arts 2 Intermediate
    Theater Arts 3 Advanced
    Theater Arts 4 Advanced



    Honors Advanced Guitar 3
    Honors CenterStage
    Honors Chamber Winds
    Honors Concert Band Brass
    Honors Concert Band Woodwinds
    Honors Percussion Ensemble
    Honors Symphonic Band