• Program the Bee Bot to Dance! beebot

    What is a line dance? 

    Imagine bee bots lined up and moving in sync with each other.  Watch these videos to see an example: 

    Line Dance 1

    Line Dance 2


    Now that you have an idea of what a line dance is, think about what you might want your Bee Bot to do

    1. List some commands in order and program them. You may want to use the program cards to move the order easily.  As you watch Bee Bot, imagine if there was another bot dancing.  How would that look? 

    2. Talk about it with your partners. 

    3. Program the Bee Bot with your code.  


    Now for the next level!!  

    1. Pick out some music- This is a list of music that is copyright free on the internet. 

    Bensound Free Music    Notice that there are many pages of music- you can click on a track and listen before you click the download button. Also notice the length of time the music will play.  Write down the information from the website- you need to give the site credit for the music.  This can be on the credits page in your movie.  

    2. Discuss- what type of beat and speed do you want? Have someone keep time as you listen to mucis tracks- stop after 5 minutes to share your favorites.   Talk about why your favorite will be good for dancing. 

    3. Create your first dance idea - use the cards to change the order easily.  
    Can you visualize two or more bots dancing your dance? 

    4. Now see if your moves work with the music you selected!   You can change or reorder your moves to fit the music. 

    Write the moves down!    



    When you have your dance- use both Bee Bots for a video!!