Ms. Drummond

Phone: 571-377-7158


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A., Classics (2009): University of Mary WashingtonM. A., Classics (2011): University of Wisconsin at Madison

Ms. Drummond


Latin 1A (Metz): 7:15-7:58 Daily

G1 (Osbourn): Planning

G2 (Osbourn): Planning

G3 (Osbourn): Latin 1

G4 (Osbourn): Latin 3/Honors Latin 3

B1 (Osbourn): Planning

B2 (Osbourn): Planning

B3 (Osbourn): Latin 2/Honors Latin 2

B4 (Osbourn): Honors Latin 4


Salvete, omnes! My name is Susan Drummond, and I teach Latin. My courses webpages can be found on Google Classroom.  I earned a B.A. in Classics with a focus in Latin from the University of Mary Washington, and my M.A. in Classics from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. I taught courses such as Latin, Mythology, and Western Civilization at the University of Wisconsin at Madison for over five years. My focus areas are Archaic Greek poetry, Plato's philosophy, Hellenistic philosophy, Roman agronomy, and Augustan poetry. Sounds eclectic, right? What I love about Classics as a discipline is that it has something for everyone. Some students come to Latin to learn a new language. Others love mythology and want to read more of it. Some are in it for the history. Others still want to experience some of the most influential literary works in the Western world. In my classes, students get to investigate all of these topics. In the process, they will improve their English grammar through the study of Latin, expand their English vocabularies by learning Latin root words, strengthen their knowledge of history, learn to think critically about literature, and develop the ability to make just about anything sound fancier by saying it in Latin.

Google Classroom Pages

Google Classroom is where students submit many of their assignments for my classes. It is also where they find useful handouts. The About section contains important items, such as the syllabus and a tutorial for accessing missed work and homework. Please find your class page below.

Latin 1A

Latin 1B

Latin 1

Latin 2/Honors Latin 2

Latin 3/Honors Latin 3

Honors Latin 4