Department Chair: Ms. Lisa Easton

Phone: 571-377-7169


Degrees and Certifications:

Department Chair: Ms. Lisa Easton

Special Education Department Chair/ Supervisor

  • our mission

    To provide access to information and assistance to families, educators and students in order to foster partnerships; increase educational opportunities and encourage success for all children.


    Special Education at Osbourn High School is a collaborative effort involving the student, family, school and community in developing an appropriate educational program which supports inclusionary practices and provides the opportunity for every student to maximize his or her potential and become a productive member of the community


     The Special Education Department is responsible for the following areas:

    • Identification
    • Referral and Screening
    • Evaluation
    • Eligibility
    • Individualized Education Program (IEP)
    • Placement


    Manassass City Public Schools Special Education & Related Services

    Regulations Governing Special Education Programs for Children with Disabilities in Virginia



  • Meet Our Teachers and Staff


    Brittany Barlow
    Naquita Beasley
    Stephanie Harasin
    Kristin Campellone 
    Scott Chenoweth
    Yasleen Flores-Norat
    Geri Gers
    Jessica James
    Enetta Jeans
    Alison Lubold
    Denise Luttrell
    Carolyn McCormack
    Meredith McKendrick
    Heather Miller
    Tonia Smith
    Ruby Sotelo
    Rhonda Stanton
    Carol Varley
    Jacobie Wells

    Related Service Providers:

    Dan Whitaker, School Psychologist
    Jamie Von Echo, Speech and Language Therapist
    Dave Blevins, Adapted PE
    Nicole Nakamura, Project Search
    Beth Hollingsworth, Occupational Therapist
    Sally Reed, Physical Therapist
    Carissa Nielsen – Vision Therapist
    Diane Vari-Alquist, Hearing Therapist
    Instructional Assistants:

    Kim Albrecht
    Tammie Alokonis
    Rachael Brown
    Saleha Hashimi
    Jessica Johnson
    Erica Jones
    Ty Jones
    Keevin Martinez
    Cindy Montanez
    Nikolay Petrov
    Sabreen Salah
    Melissa Sprow
    Michael “Rus” Ward