• Welcome to the ESOL Department

    English For Speakers of other languages The links below provide teachers’ schedules and contact information, as well as courses offered by our department.
    Descriptions of all courses can be found in the course catalog on the Counseling and Instructional Services page.

    If you have any questions for the ESOL Department please contact the department chair.

  • WIDA Testing March 22nd Bus Routes and Times (please be at your bus stop 10 minutes early)

     Bus 2 Bus 4 Bus 6

  • Courses:

    ESOL English 9-12

    ESOL Government

    ESOL World History


    ESOL Electives/support courses:

    ESOL 1

    ESOL 2


    Algebra Readiness

    ESOL Literacy Foundations

    ESOL Literacy 1

    ESOL Literacy 2

  • Meet Our Teachers

    Department Chair: Rebecca Apple

    Ms. Jo Darden

    Mr. Luis Diaz

    Ms. Sharon Fitzgerald

    Mr. Juan Guzman

    Mr. Tracey Holsclaw

    Ms. Jennifer Leigh

    Ms. Maureen O’bier

    Mr. Patrick Riley

    Ms. Sylvia Stolworthy

    Ms. Ruth Washburg

    Ms. Shelley Zenewicz