Guidelines for Allergies in the School Setting

  • Allergy Action Plan (Epinephrine Administration)

    What Can Families Do? 

    • Notify the school of the child’s allergies.
    • Provide a completed Allergy Action Plan, signed by the health care provider and parent/guardian to the school nurse.  

    • Provide properly labeled medications and replace them when used or expired.

    • Educate the child in the self-management of their food allergy including:

      • Safe and unsafe foods.

      • Avoiding exposure to unsafe foods.

      • Symptoms of allergic reactions.

      • How and when to tell an adult they may be having an allergic reaction.

      • How to read food labels (age appropriate).

    • Provide emergency contact information and updates.

    • Notify the school if there are any changes or updates to the initially written documentation.

    • If the student moves to another school in the school division, provide a copy of the written documentation, or a new directive from the physician to the new school.

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