Data Reporting & Assessment Results

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    September 12, 2023 - Strategic Plan Update - Student Academic Progress


    School Quality Profiles

    Virginia publishes School Quality Profiles at the state, division, and school level. Below is a link to the School Quality Profile for Manassas City Public Schools.  There is a link on that page where you can access School Quality Profiles for each individual school. These School Quality Profiles include a variety of data about schools and divisions: enrollment, assessment results, accreditation ratings, college and career readiness data (including graduation and dropout rates), learning climate data, and teacher quality data. These profiles are updated periodically by the VDOE.

    Manassas City Public Schools - School Quality Profile

    Assessment Results

    SOL Results

    VDOE publishes SOL results annually for schools, divisions, and the state. SOL results can be accessed through the Assessment Tab on the School Quality Profile (link below). Reports are updated each August. SOL results can also be searched on the VDOE website through a Build-A-Table function (link below).

    Manassas City Public Schools SOL Assessment Results

    Searchable SOL Results (Build-A-Table)

    CTE Credential Results

    VDOE also provides a searchable database of Career and Technical Education (CTE) credential results (link below).

    Searchable CTE Credential Results (Build-A-Table)


    Postsecondary Education and Employment Data from State Council of Higher Education:

    Parents and students can find information about postsecondary education and employment, including enrollment data, outcome data, and income data.

    State Council of Higher Education Data