VDOE Fall Growth Assessments and SOL Testing Update

  • Overview

    The Virginia Board of Education (VDOE) established the Standards of Learning (SOL) as minimum expectations for learning in a course of study.  Virginia's accountability plan requires public school divisions to administer SOL assessments in specific subjects (English, Math, History, and Science) and grade levels each year as part of school accreditation and to meet federal testing requirements.  

    VDOE Fall Growth Assessments 


    To support student learning, the Virginia Department of Education has developed new growth assessments in reading and math for students in grades 3-8. The VDOE Fall Growth Assessments will be computer adaptive and administered online from September 13 – 24, 2021. Schedules for the administration of these assessments will be set at the school level.  These tests will aid teachers in identifying any unfinished learning from last year and set a benchmark for measuring future growth.

    Student Detail By Question (SDBQ) score reports will show the academic standards on which the student was assessed and whether the test item was answered correctly. The report will assist teachers in planning to meet the instructional needs of students for the current school year.  Students will receive a scaled score to indicate current content knowledge levels. They will not receive passing or failing scores. Questions about the report or the test administration can be directed to your student’s school.


    High School End-of-Course SOL tests

    EOC SOL tests are required for federal and state accountability and to satisfy graduation requirements.  When a high school student passes an EOC SOL test, it is referred to as a “verified credit”.  Verified credits are required for graduation.  High school students must take the EOC SOL test this year if they are enrolled in a SOL tested course and need to earn the verified credit for graduation.  A