Clinic Staffing

  • Each school clinic is staffed with a full-time registered nurse(s). They provide health screenings, assessments for chronic and acute illness, and first aid for school-related injuries. The registered nurse at each school is available to consult with parents as needed, regarding the health concerns of students:


    Baldwin Elementary Mary Beth Williams, RN 571-377-6112 571-762-0091
    Jane Taylor, CA
    Dean Elementary  Collette Henretty, RN 571-377-6312  571-762-0092 
    Darlene Young, CNA
    Haydon Elementary Kelly Schetselaar, RN 571-377-6212   571-762-0111  
    Round Elementary Lisa McLaren, RN 571-377-6412  571-393-3897
    Jennifer Bordeaux, CA
    Weems Elementary  Kathy Gray, RN 571-377-6512  571-402-1805
    Haimanot Cherenet, CMA
    Baldwin Intermediate Mary Beth Williams, RN 571-377-6112 571-762-0091
    Jane Taylor, CA 
    Mayfield Intermediate Jessyca Robinson, RN 571-377-6612  571-316-1855
    Khadija Benkamsal, CNA
    Metz Middle School Mar Tortajada Vines, RN 571-377-6812  571-316-1959
    Debra Suchite Choy, CMA
    Osbourn High School Christina Rogers, RN 571-377-7012 571-316-1768
    Diana Fening, RN 
    Ingrid Bonilla, CNA
    Medicaid Billing Clerk   Tonyia Neal 571-377-6060   
    Pandemic Nurse Vanessa Johnson, RN 571-377-6387  
    Division Nurse Heather Wisnieski, RN 571-377-6019  
    Director, Student Health Services Gina Bellamy, RN 571-377-6043 571-833-1053