• Congratulations for choosing Cosmetology as a career. In the Osbourn Cosmetology program, students learn about hair, nails, skin, and professionalism. The cosmetology program allows the students to experience a salon like setting and provides an opportunity to acquire a recession proof skill. Students participate in a salon clinic, field trips, competitions, community events, and meet professionals during the two year period. Students will learn about professionalism, hair, skin, nails, and business. The program divides its time between theory and practical work. The topics include chemistry, anatomy, biology, geometry, writing, reading, speaking, and much more. The cosmetology students are prepped for the State Licensing Exam and the Professional Work Place during the two year program. The program has maintained a 100% passing at the State Licensing Exam with high employment opportunities. 

    My motto is "Be your best!" 


    Class Schedule: 

    B1 and B2: Cosmetology 1

    B3 and B4: Cosmetology 2

    G1 and G2: Planning

    G3 and G4: Cosmetology 2