• human body

    Structure and Function: 
    Human Body

    This is the third of three modules kindergarten will complete this year. This module will take place every day during the students' science time from May 11-May 27.

    Students will be integrating science with technology, engineering, math, and language arts. They will also be using the Innovator Skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving throughout this module. 

    In this module, students read a story where a character, Angelina, falls off the monkey bars and breaks her arm. Students follow Angelina’s case as they progress through the module, learning about both the diagnosis and treatment of her injury. As students follow Angelina’s story, they explore the basic relationship between structure and function in the human body. They look at major structures, or organs, within the body and investigate how the structure of each organ is related to its function. Once students establish an understanding of basic structure and function in the body, they then take a deeper look at the functions of bone. They assemble a skeleton and create a model X-ray of a hand. Then, they act as scientists to perform an inquiry investigation to explore how the structure of the fingers impacts their function. Finally, students work through an engineering design process to design and build a cast for Angelina.