• light and sound

    Light and Sound

    This is the first of three modules first grade will complete this year. This module will take place every day during the students' science time from Oct. 28-Nov.26.

    Students will be integrating science with technology, engineering, math, and language arts. They will also be using the Innovator Skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving throughout this module. 

    All products created by designers and engineers were created to meet a human need or want. One of the most basic of human needs is to communicate over a distance. In this module, students investigate light and sound, including vibration from sound waves and the effect of different materials on the path of a beam of light. The students use a design process to sketch, build, test, and reflect on a device that uses light or sound to communicate over a distance.

    Students read about three fictional characters facing a similar design problem. Mylo, Suzie, and Angelina are lost and need to use only the materials in their backpacks to communicate using light or sound.