Welcome to Weems Elementary!

  • At Weems Elementary, we are proud and committed to support military students and their families. 

    Throughout the year our counseling department will conduct student focus groups that will support student needs as they enter our building and throughout the school year, including military students. 

    As you transition to Weems Elementary, an important highlight of our school is our Talents and Gifts program, where we recognize all students bring talents and gifts and are capable of high achievement. We facilitate this program through two semester elective enrichment clusters. These clusters are based on student interest and are student driven to develop a product, service or production to an authentic audience.     

    We are also a uniform school where students wear white, red or black polo shirts, oxford shirts or sweaters.  Students also have the choice of khaki, black or red pants, shorts, skirts or skorts. 

    This webpage is designed to provide helpful information and links to military families moving into Manassas City.    

    Below you will find the names of our school point of contact for military students and families. These liaison’s focus on supporting military-connected students along with their families to offer deployment support, academic planning and professional learning opportunities for school staff to help them learn about the unique needs of military-connected students. 

    Contact Information:

    School-Based Student Transition Team Coordinator

    Cara Mitchell 

    Weems School Counselor

    Email address: CMitchell@mcpsva.org


    School-Based Military Family Liasons

    Rebecca Febbo

    1st Grade Teacher

    Email address: RFebbo@mcpsva.edu


    Jennifer Johnson

    2nd Grade Teacher

    Email address: JenniferJohnson@mcpsva.org


    Central Office Point of Contact for Military Families

    Phyllis Hollimon

    Youth Development Coordinator (Central Office)

    Email address: PHollimon@mcpsva.org