• Senior Tablet Reset Information:

    At the conclusion of the 2019-20 school year, seniors are required to reset their MCPS issued student devices.  The factory reset of the student device clears the device of all MCPS-installed software and policies.  This reset allows the student to sever all connections between the device and MCPS policies and content filtering.  After the reset, students are asked to leave their devices at home; they cannot be further used at Osbourn. 

    Students need to make sure the device is not needed in any class BEFORE resetting the device.  Once the factory reset is done, it is irreversible.  After resetting the device, students must show the D.A.D. desk that the device has been reset so that they may be checked off of the senior check out sheet. Any student who does not have their tablet reset before Graduation practice will not be eligible to participate in the Graduation practice which is a requirement for the student to participate in the graduation ceremony.

     Here are the reset instructions:

    After the device has been cleared, students will lose the ability to use some of the software that was previously installed by MCPS.  Here is a list of suggestions for some FREE alternatives students may want to download to their devices after the factory reset.